Check Your Knowledge

Use the modules on the right to review the basic concepts, methods, and applications of biostatistics. Each module includes a general overview of a topic, examples, knowledge checks, datasets to work on, program coding, and links for additional information.


This page is under construction and will be regularly updated throughout the year.


Modules (In Development)

  1. Randomness and Sampling

  2. Working with Distributions

  3. (New) RA Fisher and the p-value

  4. Neyman-Pearson Testing

  5. Working with proportions

  6. Working with means

  7. Confidence Intervals

  8. Testing non-inferiority

  9. The ANOVA 

  10. Two-way ANOVA

  11. The Randomized Complete Block Design

  12. Working with Paired Data

  13. Correlation and Linear Regression

  14. Confounding and Simpson's Paradox

  15. Multiple Linear Regression

  16. Multiple Logistic Regression

  17. Heterogeniety of Treatment Effect